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My campaign is focused on the issues that matter to West Ada students, parents, and teachers.

If you have areas of concern that I haven't addressed here, please reach out. 

Public Education

The West Ada School Board has a role to play in restoring our community's trust in public education. We can do that by committing to fiscal transparency, using evidence-based decision making, and involving parent stakeholders at all levels. 

Transparency & Ethics

I believe in local control, transparency, and opportunities for the community to participate fully in decision-making. The West Ada School Board has a code of ethics - let's let that be our guiding star as we take on the business of the West Ada District. 


The treasure valley continues to grow rapidly, requiring West Ada to grow as well. My goal is to manage growth with fairness, transparency, and respect to the taxpayer as we continue to ensure that all West Ada students get an excellent education.

Prioritizing Students

Our students are our purpose. I want strong, fair, well-rounded education for each and every West Ada student. If we do business in a way that centers students and public education, we will have a school district that we can be proud of. 

Education Professionals

 Recruiting and retaining excellent support and classified staff creates consistency for our students and strengthens our schools.  We can do this by creating career paths, increasing pay, and providing robust continuing education opportunities for classified and education support staff. 

Special Education

As a special needs parent, I am aware of the unique challenges of navigating the special education system in West Ada schools. I want to support parents with children in special education programs and bring this valuable perspective to the West Ada School Board. 

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